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Why there's a shortage of quality big men

Why there's a shortage of quality big men

Greg Oden (21) has the power to succeed, but his offense is still sloppy and limited. Moreover, he can't seem to play defense without fouling, which curtails his playing time and slows his development. However, since young bigs normally require three seasons to either reach their NBA maturity or prove to be unsalvageable busts, it's still possible — though not probable — that Oden can become a monster in the middle.

Brook Lopez (21) is another young player who has a considerable upside. But, because he plays for the woeful Nets, Lopez will be allowed to develop his game without the pressure that Oden has. It could even happen that Lopez will — later than sooner — catch and surpass Oden.

Andrew Bynum (21) has perhaps the most potential of all the young centers, but after four years in the league, he remains a stranger in paradise.

On the other hand, it's quite possible that the NBA game will eventually become a haven for small-ball and small-ballers — where triple-X-sized players will only be required to defend, set screens, block shots, rebound and shoot layups.

Or perhaps in 10 years, the league will be chock full of 7-foot point guards.

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