News » Under the Bleachers: D-Wade gets denied

Under the Bleachers: D-Wade gets denied

Under the Bleachers: D-Wade gets denied
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The NBA to D-Wade: No Band-Aids for You!

David Stern told Wade he couldn't wear his colorful designer band-aids anymore, deeming their American flag motif somehow inappropriate. But if Wade wants to sport official Geico-McDonalds-Nike-Hugs Baby Wipe band-aids, that's totally cool.

The Most-Improved-Player Team

With a group including Devin Harris, Roger Mason and Kevin Durant, these guys could compete with the Lakers. Did the trade deadline already pass? Plus we've got Von Wafer. Sure, he's the third team, but he's got our vote for Most Ridiculous Name.

Don Nelson: As Crazy As He Wants to Be

Has Nellie finally gone nuts? The guy's always been a bit ... unstable ... but his recent personnel decisions show he may have finally gone over the edge. Then again, being stuck with the Warriors without Baron Davis to win games, can anyone blame him?

Could Starbury Have Been Another A.I.?

He has the tools, the talent and his own pair of personalized, self-designed shoes. And now with the Celtics, Marbury may have his last chance to fulfill his potential and be a new Iverson. But considering how things are going in Detroit, does he even want to be a new A.I.?

In-Depth David Lee Analysis

In which we break down the MIP candidate's respectable game against Philly. We know this guy better than his own mother. Scary. Our conclusion? He puts up solid numbers, has to really work on his D, and needs to call us more on weekends.

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