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The best in the NBA -- at everything

The best in the NBA -- at everythingWith another month to burn before NBA players roll into training camp, it seems like a swell time to indulge in a little subjective enterprise.

Well, statistics may be used in order to underscore an opinion or point of view, but we hope they won't sidetrack what could be some interesting debates.

The rest of the best

Best Little Guy Finisher: We're looking for point-guard-sized players here, with Paul and Allen Iverson certainly ranking high up on the list. But for his ability to get to the rim and score without rising up and throwing it down, let's go with Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs. I'd also go with Parker as the best at going from Point A to Point B while dribbling the ball.

Best Dribbler: New Jersey Nets guard Rafer Alston would earn the nod here if his And-I-style would be permitted to trump efficiency off the bounce. But since it isn't, the NBA's best dribbler — in my opinion — is Paul. Very high up on the not-exactly-slouches list are Iverson and Nash.

Best Passing-Lane Defender: Fresh off his disruption of the Denver Nuggets' sideline out-of-bounds plays, I'm going with brand-new Houston Rocket Trevor Ariza.

Best Big-Man Passer: Los Angeles Laker Pau Gasol certainly is a willing and clever passer, but his 3.5 dimes per game puts him in a dead heat with San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan. I'll go with Duncan because he's at least as good as Gasol right now and has been passing at this high level for a longer period of time.

Best Help Defender: Duncan is right there with Boston's Garnett, but I'm going with KG because in the event of a required switch, he has a far better chance of staying in front of a smaller ballhandler.

Best Dunker: For his ability to bang one down on another player's dome from seemingly anywhere, I'll go with LeBron.

Best Closer: With a game on the line, I'll go with Kobe, who can close several games in a row without worrying about a pitch count.

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Added: September 2, 2009


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