News » Rockets feel the need for speed Adelman seeks consistent efforts with fast break

Rockets feel the need for speed Adelman seeks consistent efforts with fast break

Rockets feel the need for speed Adelman seeks consistent efforts with fast break OAKLAND, Calif. - In an odd measure of how much better the Rockets have become on the fast break - and reliant on their ability to run - they want it to be better.

Facing the NBA's most up-tempo team, the Golden State Warriors, on Thursday, the Rockets had none of their former thoughts about slowing the pace or controlling tempo. Instead, they want to run as much, but consistently.

The Rockets have gone from 30th in the NBA in fast-break scoring last season, averaging 8.7 points per game, to fifth this season, averaging 15.7 points. They improved from an average of 13.5 points off turnovers, ranking 28th, to 17.7, to rank eighth this season. But in the previous four games, they have two in which they scored just four fast-break points, two in which they averaged 15.

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"We're definitely trying to be more consistent," Rockets guard Trevor Ariza said. "That's the easiest way to score. We just have to figure it out. One night we'll have a lot; the next night we won't have as many. No matter what the situation is, we still have to push the ball. We still have to try to get transition points."

But the Rockets believe the inconsistency has come from other factors, citing their ability to slow other team's scoring against Dallas to their own shooting on the break against Oklahoma City.

"We want to run," Aaron Brooks said. "We want to push the ball. We want to get fast-break points. But we don't want to take dumb shots. Sometimes, the defense is getting back. We don't want to force up shots just to do it. Sometimes, it depends on your defense, if you are getting steals you get a lot more fast-break points."

In the first meeting with the Warriors, the Rockets scored 18 fast-break points, and have scored as much as 27 on the break in a game this season.

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That might not measure up to the Warriors, who average 29.3 fast-break points per home game, a league-best 23.4 overall. But it is more than the Rockets scored in a week in many seasons.

The trick now, they said, is to keep it going.

"I think the other team impacts it," coach Rick Adelman said. "I don't think you're going to run very often when you're just taking it out of the net. We had some games, the Spurs are so good at getting back and Dallas, we never got the opportunity. It's going to go up and down."

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