News » Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2008-11-30

Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2008-11-30

Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2008-11-30
It only seemed the Rockets had been more inconsistent than the stock market.

In some ways, they have been entirely predictable.

They were stunned by a last-second overtime loss in Portland on Nov. 6 when Brandon Roy caught and released his 31-footer in eight-tenths of a second left to beat them. They came back to beat the Clippers the next night.

They were hurt by an embarrassing blowout loss to the Lakers on Nov. 9. They came back to win in Phoenix three days later.

They were sickened by blowing a 10-point lead in the final 4 1/2 minutes to lose in San Antonio on Nov. 14. They came back to beat the Hornets a night later.

Finally, after the Rockets blew another game Wednesday, giving up another double-digit lead in the final minutes to lose to Indiana in probably their worst defeat of the season, they answered with their best win, beating the Spurs by 19, their most lopsided win of the season.

They have avoided losing streaks this way. They have lost consecutive games only once, when Roy somehow hit that shot for the third lead change in a span of two seconds. But having to sink in order to swim did not seem like a way to get far, leading Ron Artest to call for a change.

"This game is not as important a game as (Sunday) is," Artest said following Saturday's win, with the team heading for the second half of a back-to-back at Denver. "We didn't play great. We have to play better.

"We got to build on this. We got to build on this. I can see us (Sunday) coming back. It was the same thing like happened at the beginning of the season. We won three in a row, thought we were hot stuff, we turned around, 7-5. That's what happened in Miami. We played bad in Orlando, played bad in Miami, won and think we were hot stuff.

"I can't see that happening. We played better for a longer period of time. The guys were real focused. I can see us playing better (Sunday) than we did (Saturday)."

ROCKETS 103, SPURS 84: Reeling from their late-game collapse against the Pacers and forced by another meeting with the Spurs to face the reminders of their similar crumble in San Antonio, the Rockets got around the whole issue.

They built their commanding lead earlier, leading the Spurs by 19 in the first half, let the lead slip to two by early in the second half, and once all that was out of the way, recovered in plenty of time to avoid all the late-game drama.

With Luther Head leading them, scoring the next five points after the Spurs' run and finishing with 21 points, the Rockets rebuilt their lead to as much as 20 on their way to their most lopsided win of the season. Head, starting with Tracy McGrady and Brent Barry out, scored 21, two more points than he had scored the entire season.

A season-high seven Rockets scored in double figures as Houston topped 100 points against the Spurs for the first time since the 2000-01 season.

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