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Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2009-10-08

Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2009-10-08The Rockets have spent the months since last season talking about their intention to run, and they meant it. But in many ways, their hope to run more fast breaks is a small part of the plan.

With Yao Ming out for the season and Tracy McGrady expected to miss at least the first month, the Rockets will have to find offense where they can. They could improve on the 9.1 points they averaged on the break last season, but not enough to make up for the offense that will be found sitting on the bench in suits.

Instead, they hope to get more up-tempo offense even when they cannot finish a break.

In the past, they wanted to run and never believed that Yao held them back. Few fast breaks include the center, and plenty of running teams have done it with their center starting rather than finishing the break. But when the Rockets could not get an advantage and get to the rim, they chose to wait for Yao and set up a halfcourt offense.

Without him, they will look to flow quickly into offense and seek shots before teams can lock them down in the halfcourt.

"I haven't seen very many all-out fast-break teams in the NBA," Rockets coach Rick Adelman said. "It's too well-coached and too well-scouted. But you can be a very good up-tempo transition team and that's what we want to do. We want to get the ball up the court quicker than we have in the past.

"If we can get guys up the court and attack the defense before they're completely set, then we can find things out and we can be successful. We can't just walk it up. We don't have the personnel."

They do have the personnel to increase tempo, with Aaron Brooks bringing speed at the point and often playing along with point guard Kyle Lowry, and 3-point shooters Shane Battier and Trevor Ariza able to spread the floor to seek early 3s. The Rockets will still have to find ways to score in the halfcourt and will rely on Brooks, Ariza and Scola to do more than they have ever been asked to do before. But for now, they would rather not have to do that too often.

"We'll try to get easy baskets," Aaron Brooks said. "I think that's the key. Teams are good when they have set defenses. It's hard to win in this league when you are in the halfcourt constantly. I think we have to get out and get easy baskets."

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