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Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2009-09-19

Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2009-09-19With the bulk of the NBA in the tinkering stage of the season, filling out rosters and making small moves before the start of training camp, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey still would prefer to do something more substantial.

The chances are not great, at least for now.

The Rockets seem much more likely to go to camp with the roster currently in place than to make any kind of major move. With good reports on Yao Ming's prognosis before and after his surgery, Morey was determined to be sure that any move work not just for this season, but also for next.

The Rockets are so different with and without Yao, that makes things difficult.

More than just trying to find moves that would work for the up-tempo style planned for this season, and to move in Yao's orbit next, Morey will not want a move that will handcuff the Rockets with long-term contracts.

The Rockets are unlikely to clear max-player cap room next summer. They would have to renounce their rights to several key players, including Luis Scola, their top-scoring, healthy returning player. But they are in position to out-bid teams armed only with mid-level money.

A deal that would move a short contract for a long one would have to work well beyond this season.

More likely, Morey will look to make a midseason move, when teams no longer are negotiating with a certainty that this will be a breakthrough season.

"You're always trying to do better, but I don't think disappointed would be the word," Morey said of the possibility of not making a significant move before the season. "We're continually vigilant to upgrade. We're at a somewhat stable point. We feel like we can be competitive. We're always looking for the next step."

For now, with the exception of small tinkering, the team the Rockets have seems likely to be the team they will have heading into training camp.

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