News » Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2009-03-29

Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2009-03-29

Houston Rockets Getting Inside 2009-03-29
Teams usually do no get the time during the season for "minicamp." The Rockets, having played 15 games in 25 days, had earned some time on the practice court and knew just what to do with it.

With just one game in a span of seven days, they went to work on late-game execution, how to get Yao Ming the ball when opponents are determined to take him away and what to do when they cannot.

They did not get much of a chance to put their preparations for crunch time to the test against the Clippers. But they did work to get Yao the ball on the move when the other team seeks to beat him to his spot on the low blocks. And they did effectively move the ball for open shots on the weak side when the Clippers took Yao away.

"We're trying to move the ball, change sides of the court, get the ball to Yao, kind of on the move, rather than just stationary," coach Rick Adelman said. "But if Yao's not there, we have to attack someplace else, and I thought we did that.

"What happens with him a lot of times when we do run cross screens or anything for him, they do try to get all the way over and beat him on the other side. We're trying to maybe go to the top where you drop it in to him in the paint, rather than go to the side. That's kind of what we're talking about. That's him realizing where his guy is. That's what we have to do. We have to make it a little easier on him to catch the ball and have an opportunity.

"I thought we executed pretty good. I thought we had patience. We swung it a couple times, came right back, really did some of the things we worked on for two days. Now we have to continue to do it to get ready for Phoenix."

That should offer a better test of the work done on the practice floor, but so far, it seemed to have worked well, if far from perfectly.

It did not have to be perfect, however, because after giving the tweaks of the offense a test drive, the Rockets get the unusual chance to go back to the shop to work on it some more.

ROCKETS 110, CLIPPERS 93: Houston coach Rick Adelman was worried and did not care who knew. In fact, making sure his team knew was the point.

The Rockets had three off days after a San Antonio-Utah road trip and before playing the Clippers. They would have three more off days before a road trip to play the Suns and Lakers. If ever there were a team easy to overlook, it seemed to be the Clippers.

But after days of harping on the need to bring intensity and effort, the Rockets needed just 20 seconds to take a lead, never let it go and pushed it to as much as 30 before coasting to the easy win Saturday. Every starter scored in double figures, led by Yao Ming and Aaron Brooks, who each scored 21 points and took turns setting the early tone. The rout was the Rockets' seventh in which they never trailed.

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